intercraftshandwritting is a Peruvian company socially responsible, specializing in handicrafts.

We sell a variety of original and unique pieces handmade by artisans. We offer quality handmade products promoting their wealth, value, diversity and culture in order to contribute to sustainable development of the artisans.

We work with more than 300 artisans partners from different Region of Peru, organized in associations members of Interregional Center of Artisans from Peru (CIAP), support to improve the quality of their products, modernizing their designs and strengthening their organizations.

Our Mission

We contribute to the sustainable development of the artisans,
their families and their communities.

Fair Trade

We sell handicrafts respecting the 10 Fair Trade principles, improving social and economic development of the artisans and their families. The marketing plan generates maximum benefits for artisans, moving some operations such as quality control and packaging to producer groups, but always ensuring optimal product quality.

We are a company certified fair trade by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which we are a member. Intercrafts Peru and CIAP are promoters and activists of Fair Trade in Peru, as Economies Solidarity Movement.

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Family CIAP

The CIAP Association (Central Interregional de Artesanos del Peru) is an association of artisans' associations: groups 12 associations located in various regions of Peru (Piura, Lima, Ayacucho, Arequipa, Puno). CIAP is the mother of the other economic units of the family.
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Pachamama, alternative tourism agency, is a local tour operator established in the 2001 in order to promote responsible, sustainable and alternative tourism in Peru. It offers tours in Perú that combine the classic destinations with the experiences of community, residential, ecological, craft, tourism.
Intercrafts is the commercial entity of CIAP. the company exports handicrafts of CIAP members artisans and independent providers.

In the 90, 's CIAP started marketing and export the products of its members.

In 2002, CIAP created its commercial structure, Intercrafts Peru SAC, with the main objective of promoting and exporting handicrafts members of CIAP.

Over 10 years after, Intercrafts Peru exports to 15 countries, CIAP's crafts and other vendors from different regions of Peru.