Production of arpilleras

It works with a model drawn
Cutting and assembly
Assembly of characters
Stitched ornaments
Finished details of arpillera
Design or composition.- Drawing designs on paper and transferred on a tissue called pelón that supports.

Cutting.– Fabrics that serve as background are cut, heaven, bases, fields, etc. and small parts are also cut as rivers, trees, plants, etc.

Assembly.- Are placed background pieces of tissue, heaven, trees, houses, farms and other plane figures.

Sewing.- Funds and figures are manually sewn to the support material.

Preparation of dolls and ornaments.- The dolls are made by cutting pieces of fabric that are sewn figure shaping and filling with cotton.

Embroidery.- Small plants are embroidered, flowers, fruits, clouds, waves of river or sea, folds of mountains, roof of houses, etc.

Placing ornaments.- Other ornaments are placed including dolls, houses, fruits, flowers, hats, baskets, canes, nests, etc. Table's name is also embroided.

Lined.- It is lined with tocuyo by sewing back the seams by hand or sewing machine.

Finishes.- All wires protruding and imperfections are cut, sometimes a wire color frame is crocheted on the tissue.