Parts drying before the first burning.
Painted before the second burning
Moulded from molde
With the first piece made torneta, the mold is removed to repeat parts

The molds are pressed clay.

The MILLENNIUM clay must dry for several days.
When this dry, They cleaned of impurities from clay.

1Burned to obtain "biscochado"
Products are cooked in an electric oven for 5 reaching 900 hours.

Paint with pigments
Artisans paint pigments parts.

The pieces are glazed bathing them in the glass enamel (glass powder mixed with water): nail sticking to parts that turn white (note no longer painting).

2Second burned to glaze
The furnace is filled with pieces.
Glazed pieces are burned during 7 hours in the oven to reach 1250.
The oven, gradually it opens to let the parts cool without breaking.
The pieces are ready: transparent enamel again, leaving the painting appear, and vitrified.
The pieces can be used in ovens, microwave and dishwasher. While resisting.

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