Mates Burilados

Selecting mates
Burilado with chisel
Burilado con pirograbador
Selecting mates: mates are selected according to the product you want to do (form, color, defects, etc.).

Cleanliness: the outer shell of matte washes.

Natural Dyeing: matt submerged for about 15 minutes in a pot of boiling water, aniline desired color and a mordant for fixing color (alum). Matt retire, They washed to remove excess dye and dried.

Cut: matt cut with knife or electric jig for accuracy.
Inside cleaning: as matte objects, They cut and interiors cleaned pumpkin (removing the pulp).

Burilado: Burila the mate with a chisel to form designs with incisions. Matte tell stories depicting scenes of everyday life and nature.

Burned: mate exposed to a heat source. Traditionally, craftsmen used wood embers of quinual, now also used pyrographer. The intense heat is giving the matte color, Maron clear to black.

Varnished: rub the surface with a transparent matte wax to polish

White background: chalk or gypsum mixed with water on the surface of the matte is applied. When cleaning with a damp cloth, the incisions are colored white.

Technical "spring":
1. Burilado Caladh
2. Tecnica white background
3. Painted with tempera or dyes

Polished: to give the matte finish burilado. They are toting with wax to give shine.