Ornaments Huamanga stones

Carved preview
Cutting stone
Final carving
Finished products
Material selection.- The material is chosen according to the size and model that has been carving, we must ensure that the stone blocks have no internal damage or veins very pronounced colors or cuts.

First cut.– The stone blocks are cut into small blocks according to size and shape of model to carve, these small blocks are generally rectangular or cubic shapes.

Carved Preview.– The first cut is doing carving the stone block grotesquely given shape as the model, this is done with heavy tools like chisels, emery, drill, etc.

In the case of composite pieces, for example in the case of Huamanga stones, they are cut separately to separate cover and small parts.
Throughout the carving process water is used to soften the material and sometimes power tools are used to lower temperature which causes by friction with the material machines.

Final carving.- Grotesque material is refined either using finer tools like punches, blades, needles or special electric cutters to give the final shape to the figure, corners are refined, folds, holes, etc.

Polished.- Parts are polished using emery, abrasive cloth and polishing pastes, to achieve a smooth finish.

Assembly or assembly.– The separate pieces are placed and glued between themselves or in their media or covered.

Finishes.– All imperfections are refined, removing the glue and correcting defects.

Varnished.- In some cases, to give a special finish, closing the pores or protecting the object, a coat of clear varnish is passed.