Production of Ayacucho retablos

Assembly characters (Plaster)
Decorated characters
Location of characters
Dough Preparation: Bread flour is boiled to obtain a paste, plaster is sifted and added to paste seeking a consistent mass to form figures.

Modeling: Forming different figures, using small molds prepared by the same craftsmen. In some cases, modeling is done entirely by hand. Then it is dried.

Bleached: Dryed figures are bleached, with a mixture of synthetic glue with chalk.

Painted: Bleached parts are painted using brushes and synthetic paints of different colors.

Preparation of retablo's box: Wooden boxes are painted first with bleach. Then paint background color and stylised figures of leaves and flowers with synthetic paints.

Planted: This name is given to the operation of placing and paste each of figures in the retablo, forming scenes according to the desired composition (births, country scenes, traditional celebrations, etc).

Varnished: Finally a layer of varnish is passed, it is going to shine figures and protect the exterior surface.