Weaving loom

Measurement of wool
Hinged for compact tissue
Artisans work with:
Processed wool yarn 100% alpaca (spun industrially by Michell or IncaTops), title 3/10 and 2 / 16mm.

Production process

Warp: It is composed of longitudinal threads and the transverse threads are called weft. The warp threads pass alternately above and below the weft threads.

Preparation loom :It is to move the warp threads alternately above and below the weft threads.
Preparing the loom takes a day.

Weaving loom: The boat can pass the weft thread through the gap between the warp and weft. A wooden swing pulls the weft thread with the anterior branch to form a compact tissue.

Finishes: Proceed to cut and hide all wires protruding into the joints of the parties. Washing, drying and ironing of the garment.