Selection of fiber according to the quality of fleeces
Handmade yarning with distaff
Knitting needle
Knitting finger puppets
Washing in warm water
Drying up

Alpaca fiber products

Artisans work with:
Alpaca fiber 100% natural handmade yarn
or 100% alpaga woolen yarn processed 100% alpaca (spun industrially by Michell or IncaTops)

Production process
Few artisans are engaged in this task full time, most of us spinning or knitting in their free time.

Handmade yarn:
Alpaca yarn selection Separating fleeces by quality and colors.
Yarning: After removing impurities, wool is yarn in a manual spinning wheel or with pedal. Each color is separately yarn.
Crooked: Two yarns of the same color come together and twist with a wooden distaff, so the thread is stronger and can not break.
Assembly: Hanks made about 1/2 Kg. ..
Washing: The hank is washed with water to remove grease and dirt.
Natural Dyeing: Craftswomen dye white yarn with natural dyes for yarns of different colors (Colors are uniques and can not be homogeneous to a large order of garments).

Knitting: Knitting is mainly by hand using chopsticks or circular needles. From 2014, artisans can produce certain garments with knitting machine (Each association of artisan owns a knitting machine).

Finishes: Proceed to cut and hide all wires protruding into the joints of the parties. Washing, drying and ironing of the garment.